Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Liberty Track on Fatea Showcase Session

My Song Liberty is featured in this great Download CD along with many other very talented artists

Fatea Showcase Session:One
The new Fatea Showcase Session:One is available for free download at:

Featuring 17 great solo artists across a range of acoustic based
genres, "One" is the forth of the Fatea Showcase Sessions, Spring 09.
The download is exclusively available for three months after which it
will never be available again.

'One' is the first 2009 session and all the sleeves this year have
been designed by David Owen and will build into one large image.

To ensure you the listener gets to hear the band at their best, the
downloads are 256kbs drm free. The zip file also contains a sleeve
pack. Links to the band are on the session page as well as on the
sleeve. We hope you enjoy what you hear and then choose to buy releases
from the artists or go to their gigs when you can.

01. Jackie Oates - Wishfulness Waltz

02. James Ragbone - The Parade

03. Maggie Council - Nebraska Avenue

04. Bob Burke - Siren

05. Rachel Taylor-Beales - Liberty

06. Jinski - Hand Of God

07. Aimee Newsome-Stone - Drive Me Down

08. Ivor Game - I Like Being At Home

09. Becky Syson - Before Now

10. John Fairhurst - Obnox Stomp Remix*

11. Tina Taylor - Someday

12. Simon Jackson - Stainless & Cold Pressed

13. Patsy Matheson - Precious Little Soldier

14. Tessa Bickers - This Song’s For You*

15. Diana Johnstone - The Troubled Heart

16. Henry Clements - Needle And Thread

17. Lizzie Nunnery - Hungry

*=Session Exclusive

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