Wednesday 21 May 2008

Red Tree Officially Released

Well it's all official now- the new album is released as of today!
To order your copies online please visit the websites below,
All the best


Postitive feedback and reviews have been coming in for the album over these last weeks and we've included a couple of quotes below...

'Individual and compelling songwriting talent, with a striking singing voice to match'
David Kidman Folk in The Round Magazine

'Wonderful overall feel and incredible range of emotion. The musicianship is amazing!'
David Kushar-

Rachel Taylor-Beales has a talent for story telling, with an eye and ear for the ‘real’ world around her. The mix of Folk, Jazz, Country and Americana blends to create a sublime sound that stops you in your tracks. With a New album and a tour on the horizon it’s about time you got on the band wagon.starting here!

We really liked Brilliant Blue, but Red Tree seems a huge step forward, we are seriously impressed !!

No "difficult second album" worries for Rachel Taylor-Beales. 'Brilliant Blue', the Cardiff-based singer/songwriter's 2007 debut, was a lovely piece of work, but 'Red Tree' -- the second in a planned colour trilogy -- is a more than worthy successor.
Sarah Mcquaid- Irish Evening Herald

The launch gig at The Point was sooooo much fun. I was thrilled at the turnout and vibe. Huge thanks to all who came along to be part of the night. We managed to record the evening so there will be a 'Live Album' in the not too distant future!
I will be posting up photos soon and loading some video footage of the event onto the various websites soon, so watch this space...