Thursday 23 April 2020

Lock Down 2020

Some Lockdown thoughts and staying creative…

During this time, Bill and I are trying our best to stay creative- both of us find it helps us to be distracted and have a focus. Like so many right now who work in the arts the future is completely unknown. The projects and tours that we had planned in our diaries are either indefinitely postponed or cancelled. We’re looking at logistics of moving some projects online and I will be doing my first live stream gig in the next few weeks- once I’ve finished my final creative writing assignment for my current OU module.

In some ways the experience of being housebound for the best part of a year after my accident in 2012, has really helped my psyche with this lockdown. In the first few days and weeks of lock down when we were in complete self isolation (due to mild coughs and temperature symptoms)  I was struck with a strange sense of familiarity or deja vu... Eventually I pinned it down to the fact that I’d already lived through an experience of house-bound isolation as well as having my social life and work life suddenly snatched away indefinitely, by circumstances out of my control.

During that first time round, I learned that after the initial shock from change of momentum, things do eventually settle into a new rhythm. I also learned back then that there are good days and also very tough days when the loss and grief of what has been, hits big time.

Of course there are many differences this time round, reality has changed for everyone and the loss around us is so vast and far-reaching. 

The other thing I've realised is that all the moving I’d done as a child, has given me a sort of resilience to the experience of my world suddenly becoming streamlined to only immediate family. The international moves between Australia and the UK meant being cut off from all of the people, places and life I’d known. This scenario happened an awful lot when I was growing up- moving home, schools, countries meant that fairly regularly I was in a position of having to adapt and rely on my own company for a time as we lived in limbo rebuilding and resettling…  It’s something that has shaped me for better and for worse, but in this particular lockdown phase I recognise that it may well have been a foundation that strengthens my reserves to some degree to help deal with the likes of this situation. ( Most likely this is a perspective written from one of the 'good days' and I would not view it quite like this on one of the tougher days?!) 

Anyway enough introspection… a little always helps, too much and I will end up down the rabbit hole…

In the meantime here are some of the creative things that I’ve been involved in since March.

Bill and I are making various musical and video collaborations as Sir Silence and Lady Hush- which can be seen on The Lady Hush page on my website 

I signed up to the Positive Songs Project and last week Bill and I managed to co-write a track called Chemistry that has gone live today... 

And finally... my new painting titled Faraway...

Really glad to have captured this moment on canvas- it was the last time we were out before lockdown, in a cafe on Bill's birthday, my daughter lost in the world of the Magic Faraway Tree... 

For me painting reminds me of the way people describe 'mindfulness'. My focus becomes only the moment of what I am seeing and the particular colour or form I am making. I become absorbed into the tiniest of details and the rest of the world is pushed back during that time.

It has been such a lovely thing to reconnect with painting again in the last two years. Touring life took up so much of my time and energy previously (prior to injury bringing that sudden halt to my life on the road) painting was always left on the back burner and I found that I just wasn't making space or time for it.

I'm loving rediscovering how to draw and paint again. Looking forward to my starting my next portrait, of my friend Helen soon.

So signing off for now and hoping you all stay well and safe... looking forward to seeing so many of you in person again... on the other side!