Monday 5 March 2007

Gigs and reviews

Some interesting gigs lately... The Go Club in Birmingham definitely deserves a mention for being one of the most bizarre nights I've had in a long time! No promoter and no sound technician so I ended up doing sound for the other band- Small Existence (an acoustic indie/ rock trio) and they for me. there was also a confusion in who was supporting who- I thought I was meant to be on before them but they thought the opposite- I discovered this when I thought I was sound checking them and they had suddenly started their set! All of this to a friendly but minuscule audience- one member who drunkenly shouted his appreciations all though both sets- It was one of those nights where you just have to enjoy yourself regardless- and hey I got to play a nice long set too! Small existence were a good and solid band with some interesting arrangements and loads of energy- nice lads too-

Completely different sort of gig last week on St Davids Day as I was able to accompany Bill into a local primary school to do workshops and sessions- Very Fun! We created a 12 bar blues jam on a song bill had written about St David and recorded all the kids performing it. Sometimes it is just so nice to not focus on me and my music and remember what a gift the whole process of creativity is and should be...

Fantastic review came in today from Spiral Earth- also a great website- check it out

And finally... This week looking forward to opening for The Queensbury Rules in Pontardawe, and off to see the iconic Joan Baez with Bill on Thursday!