Tuesday 1 May 2007

1st of May - remembering Rob... and the Release of Scratch The Sky Album

It is one year today since my friend Rob died. Can't quite believe that a year has passed already. Yesterday my friend Sandra(Rob's widow) found out that her father is suffering from Leukemia, and that his prognosis is not long. Life is so complex, confusing and unfair sometimes- the timing is awful...This time last year, we drove home from the hospice with the awful task of needing to let people know about Robs death. To be honest most of the last year for me has been trying to get over all of that. Having shared so much of my life with Rob and Sandra and Lukas since 99- having lived with them, worked with them, traveled across the world with them- I guess it has felt more like losing family than just a friend. I am very grateful to have known Rob and to have experienced the highs and lows of life on and off the road with him. Much of my life has been informed by the experiences we have had in that time together... Today my heart goes out to Sandra, Lukas and baby Magdalene who just turned 1,- 3 weeks ago and I hope that one day soon life will begin to become easier and lighter for them all...

Today is also the day that we are releasing Bill's aka- Sir Silence and the Hush CD, Scratch the Sky...It has been an absolute pleasure being involved in this project and personally I am thrilled with it as a product...we will be doing a special offer on my website to buy Brilliant Blue and Scratch the Sky together for a discounted price of only £18.00...see web link below to buy and listen to the CD plus press release.

I'll be in Coventry at the Golden Cross for a gig tomorrow and then on Friday- it's my 30th birthday!